Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb: To Look (Something) Up

Recently, I was chilling out with a friend. He was very occupied on his laptop so I wondered what he was doing.

I asked him: “What are you up to?” (What are you doing?)
He replied: “I’m just looking up new startup companies on Amazon.”

He was looking up new companies because he was trying to find some specific information. He was doing research because he is going to start a company on Amazon. So, to look up something means to find some information about something specific. He was researching new companies (something specific) to find some information to help his new business (competitors, prices etc).

You can also look up a word in a dictionary. For example:

Student: “Teacher, what does this word mean?”
Teacher: “Why don’t you look it up in the dictionary?” This means, look in the dictionary to find the word you don’t know.


Which word have you looked up in the dictionary recently? Write a sentence below and I’ll check it!

Phrasal Verb: to suss (someone/something) out

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