Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb: to chuck (something) away

Some of you readers may not know this but I have recently returned from a very long trip around south Asia. I brought some newspapers home to the UK with me from India because there were some interesting articles in them. I left the newspapers on the kitchen worktop but I went back into the kitchen to find they had disappeared. So, after looking and not being able to find them, I asked my housemates:

“Have you seen the newspapers that I left in the kitchen? Have you chucked them away?”

To chuck (something) away means to put something in the rubbish bin. It is exactly the same as “to throw something away”. After returning from India, I have chucked away many things from my bedroom that I don’t want to use anymore.

So, what have you chucked away recently? Are you planning to chuck anything away?

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