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Tips for learning English: 1 – Everybody is in the same boat.

Hey guys! So, I’m going to publish some tips and advice to improve your confidence in speaking English. Learning English as a second language can be a little scary at first but fear not! To improve your English, you have to be persistent and continue making small steps.

The first tip for learning English and being more confident is about your state of mind. Everybody is in the same boat. So what do I mean? This idiom means that everyone is learning SOMETHING. A lot of people around the world are learning right now so you’re not the only one. Think about it: most people have been in your position, everybody is learning so everybody has to start somewhere. You are all walking in the same shoes. Everyone who has learnt a second language knows the difficulties or the anxieties that can be related to it. So remember: just try, because it’s likely that the person you’re speaking to or people around you have been in the same position as you. FACT: About 20% of the world’s population speaks English! You are already one of those people.

So relax, chill out, take it easy and continue learning English as best you can. You are doing an amazing thing by improving your skills and opening new doors through learning English.

Tips for learning English: 2 - Prepare phrases

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