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Tips for learning English: 15- Immerse yourself and travel!

Immerse yourself in an English-speaking country – travel, take a course, stay with a friend, go to an English-speaking country. Okay, I know, this isn’t possible for everyone – people have work commitments or families. BUT, if you are fortunate enough to travel or take a course in the UK, it will help you and your language so much. Imagine the situation, everything around you is in English, restaurants, road signs, people speaking, literature… so you HAVE TO push yourself to speak and use English. Maybe you will need to ask for directions in English, or speak to people in a bar in English or even just talk to someone at a bus stop in English, you will have so many opportunities to practise speaking English. If you did travel to the UK, your brain would start to absorb a lot of local English phrases and your ears would start to understand accents. Some of my students who took an English language course in the UK improved from elementary (A2/B1) to upper intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1) levels. Don’t worry if you can’t travel so easily, there are many ways to immerse yourself in English on the Internet these days. If you can travel to the UK for a holiday or to take a course in English, then I advise that you do it. Take the first step!

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