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Tips for learning English: 16 – Watch and listen to English films and music

Most people in the world listen to music and watch films and TV series so one of the best and most entertaining ways to practise your English skills is by watching films or listening to music. How great is that?! It’s useful for so many different parts of English, for example,

    • listening skills – listening to natural, authentic speech,
    • pronunciation – repeating what you hear,
    • vocabulary – songs and films use a lot of colloquial and slang terms,
    • grammar – you can review grammar structures
    • authentic English – you can see how people use gestures and language authentically.

There are quite a few different methods you can use when you watch a film or TV series. If you have a lower level, you can watch animation films for children and use subtitles – that’s right, children’s material works! If you have a higher level of English, you can watch films or a TV series with or without subtitles. All levels can try watching a film and understand the main idea of the film without understanding every single word, however, subtitles can help you if you don’t understand what is happening AT ALL. You can also play and rewind it to listen to how words are pronounced. Imitation is such a useful way to reduce your accent and improve your confidence with pronunciation.

In terms of music, you can have a great time! You can read the lyrics as you listen, and you can imitate what you hear to practise your accent and pronunciation of words. Music is also useful for expanding your vocabulary base, you will find so many slang words and language that you don’t hear in most conventional classrooms.

So start today!

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