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Tips for learning English: 17 – Listen to audiobooks

What better way to enrich your vocabulary and practise your listening skills than listening to audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks can help many parts of your English language learning. When you allow your imagination to run free, you are more likely to enjoy what you are listening to and therefore remember more. Some benefits of audiobooks include:

  • listening practice (you can choose books read by British people if you want!)
  • pronunciation of words (listen and repeat method)
  • increase your vocabulary base
  • enjoy yourself while exposing yourself to English!
  • you can learn anywhere! On the bus, on your daily commute, while riding a bicycle, while walking…


You can find all your favourite books in audio form. And a great thing about this is that if you use your imagination and relate it to language, you’re more likely to have an entertaining experience, so you’re even more likely to remember words or grammar structures. Even just listening to anything in English tunes your ears in. And you can allow your imagination to wander. And there is so much choice out there!

Audible has a free 30-day trial – just click on the link below to have a browse.

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